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About Wouter van Schie

Wouter van Schie, born in 1958, is a Dutch playwright. He started writing
play scripts in 2000, and began selling them just a year later. In 2001 he opened
his website to let the world gain from his original
drama plays for children as well as for grown-ups.

Makoenders offers a lot of scripts like fairy tales, sketches
and a few musicals - all in Dutch.

In 2008 the translation of his pirates play for kids - De Boevenboot -
into The Treasure of the Pirate ship became a fact.
This was the first play that was published in English.
In august 2009 Wouter presented the translation of The Kiss, a nice sketch (of ten minutes) for two actors.

E-mail : (mind the correct spelling with 'theater')

Telephone: +31 594 51 58 32

Wouter van Schie

Kluftlaan 2
9351 JX Leek
The Netherlands

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