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The Treasure of the Pirate ship

Impression of one of the performances of The Treasure of the Pirate Ship; this one was in 2002, in the Netherlands.

About Makoenders / Wouter van Schie and this play

The Dutch editor and playwright Makoenders (Wouter van Schie) offers you a nice drama play for children, actually to be played by grown-ups. (But it is appropriate to be performed by children as well.) The Treasure of the Pirate ship is the first script of Makoenders that has been published in the English language.

You will find half the play in pdf. Just click.

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The Treasure of the Pirate ship: outline of the story

Captain Big Ear just stole some real nice treasury from another man's ship. Together with his wife Honey and his parrot he tries to enjoy his new jewelry. That's not easy on the pirate ship, because some boatsmen would like to own the treasury box themselves. The sailors as well as the steersman, the carpenter and Cookie - the cook - seem to be interested. Meanwhile the pirates meet an Italian stranger and even a stowaway with some wishes... Then the water police are arriving, warning for a severe thunderstorm - that comes indeed... So, now what's happening to the sailors and to the treasury box?

The play has twelve characters plus one voice (the parrot).

Since the year of 2001 Makoenders is writing and publishing all kinds of original drama in Dutch. Lots of customers in both Holland and Belgium enjoyed our stage plays. In august 2008 the translation of our Dutch 'De Boevenboot' into the English 'The Treasure of the Pirate ship' has become a fact. The supervision of this translation was done by a native speaker of English.

How to order?

If you choose 'The Treasure of the Pirate ship' to being performed by your group, just let us know by e-mail
and we will inform you how to pay for it. The costs are only 26,50 euro's (or 21,-, or $ 30,-) all inclusive,
for which you can use it for up to five performances, no matter how big the audience.
For any more performances, there's an extra charge of only 7,50 euro's each (or 6,50, or $ 8,50.)

Do you want contact with Makoenders? Just click for more information.

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